Search Engine Marketing Strategy: Finding The Right Keywords For Less

Recently, Google AdWords modified its Google Keyword Planner tool, which allows you to research keyword ideas and obtain statistics to better direct your campaigns at the expense of small players.

Now, if you don’t invest a certain amount in ads, Google no longer gives access to the number of exact searches per month for each keyword, but only to a range of statistics or search volumes.

The main reason given would be the fight against robots. But the first impacted are undoubtedly the small players who invest very little for announcements.

So, what options should you choose to continue to find high query keywords as part of a search engine marketing strategy?

Alternative Tools To Google Keyword Planner

Any agency, any advertiser, or entrepreneur knows the importance of search engine marketing to maximize its presence and increase its traffic. So how can you use it when you don’t have a big budget to spend on AdWords? Google Keyword Planner is undoubtedly the best-known and most widely used tool for finding high-value phrases. But its new version held back some users.

However, many alternative tools will allow you to choose the best keywords to differentiate yourself from your competitors and at a lower price.

Google suggested forecasting following the modification of the Keyword Planner to obtain more precise data. It allows the customization of parameters for a complete view of the keywords’ performance to choose from. How does it work? Just enter the keywords that may interest you. Forecasting will then automatically generate ideas. Depending on your activity, a list of relevant keywords will appear, and then you can add them to the forecast. Traffic forecasts (number of clicks, impressions, or conversions) will then appear.

Search Engine Marketing Strategy: Finding The Right Keywords For Less

Detecting Internet users’ requests likely to bring you a maximum of qualified traffic is an essential step. Finding the relevant keywords is the sinews of online SEO; they are essential for campaigns, to be visible online, to use search engine marketing in your content strategy …

In particular, for small players, for whom visibility is a real issue, the choice of your keywords is essential; it is around them that the content that attracts your target audience will be developed. By doing it the right way and using the right tools, it will be possible for you to develop a good strategy, regardless of the budget. As you will have understood, the more your site will be optimized, the more the visits will be qualified; therefore, the referencing must be rigorously worked.

Checklist For Local Marketing

Often, SMEs are only sporadically concerned with their external communication. Usually, this is sufficient if the basic requirements, namely a professional internet presence, knowledge, respect, and communication of company values, customer-oriented presentation, etc., are met. The checklist shows what matters for local advertising and helps set the right priorities.